In 1977, Prosperity Real Estate Advisors began investing in residential real estate.  As his success grew, he decided to become a licensed real estate agent, and founded the corporation known publicly as Prosperity Real Estate Advisors Management.  Two years after its 1992 founding, Prosperity Real Estate Advisors Management received its Texas Real Estate Broker’s license, and has since grown to become one of the most well established residential property management companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Although Prosperity Real Estate Advisors is no longer active in the company’s operations, he still continues to be very active and successful in real estate investing & acquisitions.


We do it better for less.  We operate with speed and efficiency, using cutting edge technology and management systems that we’ve honed for years.  This allows us to be highly responsive, and we pass the cost savings to you with ultra low management fees.

We’ve been there, done that. We know the details of Federal Fair Housing rules and the Texas Property Code. We know the red flags of tenant screening, understand the nuances of contractor price negotiation, and know the styles of the local JP courts.

Excellent managers protect owners, their homes, and their income. We start with a careful, multi-level tenant screening process, and offer additional programs of protection including Guaranteed Rent Payments, and Eviction Protection. We know the risks involved with residential leasing, and we understand how to guard against them.

Interested in buying real estate with built-in equity? Want to know a method of renting your unit for more than it’s market value? Need access to lower priced repairs, insurance, and other ancillary services? We can help. Call or email today to find out more.

Trust your portfolio to the established property management professionals at Prosperity Real Estate Advisors Management.