Cell Block 123…Main St

This month the US Department of Housing and Urban Development told landlords across the country that a snobbish attitude towards criminal applicants will result in an legal butt whuppin, courtesy of HUD’s attorneys. HUD’s General Guidance, published this month, informs landlords that it’s illegal to automatically deny all convicts.  HUD’s reasoning is that it’s racially discriminatory, even if that’s NOT the landlord’s intent. Across the United […]


Tax Code Trickery – Passive vs. Active vs. Material Participation

Prosperity Real Estate Advisors Management knows the devil is in the tax code details, and we intend to keep him at bay. One way that we protect our clients is by including them in the management of their property in a manner sufficient for them to be considered an “active participant” by the IRS.  You see, rental real […]


Prices are Rampaging

DFW homes values are going berzerk a’la 1970’s King Kong.  Crushing.  Gone are the days of strategic short sales and negative equity.  2009 is a foggy memory.  Here in DFW, it’s like the downturn never happened.  Local demand has unleashed a fury and inventory is being sucked up like cattle in a tornado, taking auntie Em with it.  There’s […]